Photo Archive

Outside McGinnis Drug and WW Mac 5 and 10, early 1940s
Davis Brothers Chevrolet 1954
Chattooga High faculty 1962
Summerville High cheerleaders, late 1940s
Summerville High FHA fashion show, 1957
Summerville Presbyterian Church Vacation Bible School, 1959
The SHS band was formed again in 1946 after the school burning several years before had forced it’s demise.
Menlo Presbyterian Church
O’Bannon Barn near Menlo, ca. 1900
Inside Mineral Springs Hotel near Menlo, ca. 1900
Menlo School in the snow, 1940s
Menlo High FHA Club, mid 1950s
Menlo Gin history by Sara Pless
Erecting Civil War monument in Menlo, ca. 1915
Alpine Church in the snow
Trion Plaza decked out for Army Navy E award during WWII
1898 map showing train route through Tulip and Sprite from Lyerly
Mr. H.L. Abrams, Lyerly Depot Agent, 1920s, with daughter
Lyerly Dam power house over 100 years ago
Lyerly School 1915