Photo Archive

Study Hall, Trion High School
4-H Club Gore High School 1952
Home Economics Class, Gore High School 1952
Freeman Hinton, longtime custodian of Summerville High School,1961
Scene from a Courthouse Singing. They were popular events from the 1930’s through the 1950’s.
Picking Cotton on the O’Brannon Farm near Menlo circa.1910
Ralph “Country” Brown, of the Atlanta Crackers ( 1948-1952)
Petition from Wesley Shropshire to Congress for supplies taken by U.S. Army in 1864
Thomas Brewer selling vegetables in Lyerly circa 1942
National Guard called to Trion during the 1935 Trion company strike
Summerville High Future Homemakers Officers 1958
Ladies Sunday School class First Baptist Church, Summerville circa 1910
Congregation of Summerville First Baptist Church 1949
Meat Department in the “Big Friendly”, Trion
Early Chattooga County Jail
Parade through downtown Summerville circa 1950,
Famed Folk Artist Howard Finster, creator of Paradise Gardens
1955 Chattooga County’s 1st Bale of Cotton Contest
Hollis and Hinton Store, Commerce Street, Summerville, circa 1900
The John D Taylor home, Summerville