Photo Archive

Packer’s Shoe Store,Commerce Street Summerville
Commerce Street, Summerville, ca. 1970
Movie ads in front of the Tooga Theater 1950s
Summerville Junior High band, 1966
Dial-a-prayer starts at Summerville Presbyterian Church, early 1960s
Grand opening Greyhound Bus Station 1947 in Summerville, Edythe McGinnis selling tickets
Outside McGinnis Drug and WW Mac 5 and 10, early 1940s
Davis Brothers Chevrolet 1954
Chattooga High faculty 1962
Summerville High cheerleaders, late 1940s
Summerville High FHA fashion show, 1957
Summerville Presbyterian Church Vacation Bible School, 1959
The SHS band was formed again in 1946 after the school burning several years before had forced it’s demise.
Summerville News photo of Taylor Ridge, early 1960s
Workers Progress Administration (WPA) road crew 1930s
CHS prom 1962
Sunday School picture Summerville Presbyterian early 1960s
Myrtle’s Beauty shop 1959
Taylor Merchantile,Commerce at Washington, Summerville 1922
Hollis and Hinton store, Commerce Street c.1900