Photo Archive

The Myers family of Trion go for a spin in their Humpmobile
Campers at Camp Juliette Low 1924
Awards given at Trion Negro School in 1951. Notice the student walked 2 miles each way to school.
A young boy at Desoto Falls, His mother was a cook for a group of campers from the county, circa 1915
Apartments near river Trion flood of 1990
Summerville Elementary School faculty in 1985
Trion Company’s new store opens in 1926
Military view the Trion Glove Mill during the WWIl E Awards ceremony in 1943
Crowd gathers for downtown Summerville merchants give-a-way 1959
Early plat for additions to city of Summerville
Cinderella as presented by the Trion Negro School in 1951
Items made from fabric made in Trion are displayed in the Big Friendly’s window.
Fill er up at Coplands in Lyerly in 1951
Order of the Red Men was a fraternal organization in the early 1900’s
Chattoogan Clyde Harlow in France in WWI, 1918
Hear comes the Riegeldale milkman from Trion . It’s delivered fresh in a glass bottle
H.E. Wyatt Store in Menlo
The Allmon family were sharecroppers and lived at one of Chattooga’s oldest homes, the Price House below Lyerly
Interesting wedding “in the middle of the road” in Chattoogaville in 1915.
Lyerly Post Office before 1961