Photo Archive

Study Hall, Trion High School
National Guard called to Trion during the 1935 Trion company strike
Meat Department in the “Big Friendly”, Trion
Famed Folk Artist Howard Finster, creator of Paradise Gardens
Trion High School’s first football team 1933
Trion Mill, 1890’s (obviously before child labor laws)
Penn Ville Sunday School,Palms of Victory Crowns of Glory I Shall Bear circa.1895-1910
Gov. Jimmy Carter at funeral of Rep. James H.(Sloppy) Floyd ,1975
Riegel Community Hospital Staff and Doctors Hyden,Clements and Little
Riegel Fabrics, Triangle Shopping Center Grand Opening
Trion Plaza decked out for Army Navy E award during WWII
Workers Progress Administration (WPA) road crew 1930s
Rev. Howard Finster baptizes in Chelsea Creek 1940s
Trion Facts picture of Charles Bell Red Book Sing 1950s
1934 Trion Bulldog football team
Inside old YMCA at Trion
Old postcard view of the Riegeldale tavern
1939 Riegeldale Tavern Menu
Early 1900s postcard view of Trion mill from the railroad station
Dancing at the Trion Centennial Ball 1945