Photo Archive

Inside the Royal Theatre, Summerville 1939, a fundraiser was held to help buy food for the unemployed
Jimmy Williams spins the Top 40 on WGTA in the 1950’s
Coach Lamar Parker and his 1956 Summerville High Indians
Sturdivant gym at Summerville school was in use from the 1930’s till the mid 1970’s
The original Georgia Rug Mill, ( now part of Mohawk)
Leading off the Christmas parade in Summerville in the early 1960’s
Singing the alma mater in the Summerville High Auditorium 1960
Teachers could park in the circle in front of Summerville High School. SHS became CHS in 1962
Harry McGinnis pours up a prescription in McGinnis Drug circa 1960. The drugstore opened in 1920.
Arrington Drug building is the oldest building on Commerce Street . It was built in 1896
The Summerville Music Study Club was very active from 1939 through the mid 1970’s.
A circa 1960 moonshine still raid was successful. The evidence was brought to the sheriffs office .
An early view of the county courthouse, built in 1909.
A young Everett Lunsford poses on Commerce street in the mid 1940’s
The Bolling School, circa 1915, with Minnie VanPelt as teacher
Willow Spring ( Cleghorn Spring) was a nice spot for a picture for Clyde Harlow
The Boy Scouts on parade on Commerce Street in the late 1940s
It’s recess at Summerville School in 1949
Summerville Jr. High Band 1965. They are on the bleachers at Sturdivant Field
Chattooga Boys Corn Club circa 1910, encouraged agriculture in the county