Photo Archive

Cloudland Hotel opens for the summer !
Lyerly School 1st grade 1945, Nell Floyd ,teacher
Menlo High School 1914
Menlo High School Mischief Maker’s Club 1914
Cloudland School around 1940
Menlo during the 1940’s, FDR on billboard
Menlo Phone numbers in 1941
Swimming at the pothole near Alpine
J.D. Hill Home in Lyerly
Christmas Party at Riegel Mill in the early 1960’s
Dedication of the Lyerly Post Office 1962
Mobley Hotel in Menlo
Bank of Lyerly
Green Meadow Melba
Original Trion Inn,
Picnic at Mineral Springs, Menlo
Troy’s Drive-In , the 50’s Place to Be !
Wagons bringing cotton to Trion Mill
The 4 way stop ,Menlo ca.1950
Erecting the Menlo Monument 1915