Photo Archive

Trion Mill won Army Navy E award for contribution to the war effort in 1943
1920’s photo of a giveaway by the Trion Mill Store
Trade Day…back in the 1980’s
A flag raising ceremony at Trion Mill 1941
A Band in Trion in the early 1900’s
Trion Mill employees who were in the service during WWII were on the Roll of Honor at the Mill
Hostesses for the 1943 Army Navy E award ceremony. The award was given to Trion Mills for excellence in WWII effort
The Trion Company Service Station in the circa 1930. You could buy white wall paint and top dressing.
The Trion Riegels.. a community band, pictured in the mid 1930’s.
Dr. William U. Hyden is shown operating in the Trion Community Hospital
The Myers family of Trion go for a spin in their Humpmobile
Awards given at Trion Negro School in 1951. Notice the student walked 2 miles each way to school.
Apartments near river Trion flood of 1990
Trion Company’s new store opens in 1926
Military view the Trion Glove Mill during the WWIl E Awards ceremony in 1943
Cinderella as presented by the Trion Negro School in 1951
Items made from fabric made in Trion are displayed in the Big Friendly’s window.
Hear comes the Riegeldale milkman from Trion . It’s delivered fresh in a glass bottle
Trion Poor School 1905
Lunch room at Trion School 1940’s