Photo Archive

Sunday School class pictured in 1951 Lyerly Hometown scrapbook
Interesting history featured in 1951 Lyerly scrapbook
Inside the Lyerly Mattress Factory circa 1950
Fill er up at Coplands in Lyerly in 1951
The Allmon family were sharecroppers and lived at one of Chattooga’s oldest homes, the Price House below Lyerly
Interesting wedding “in the middle of the road” in Chattoogaville in 1915.
Lyerly Post Office before 1961
Doster Drugstore in downtown Lyerly
Employees of Lyerly Glove Mill early 1960’s
A group of Lyerly teachers including Holland,Stawn,Kendrick and Fuller , late 1950’s
Lyerly Homeguard trains at Lyerly School during WWII
Students at Lyerly School were part of the Home Guard during World War II
Confederate veterans going to a reunion in 1919
The Holland House near the Alabama line was built around 1886.Unfortunately the house burned in the 1980’s
The Strain Home in 1910. Located near Lyerly, it was later known as the Weesner Home
Home Demonstration Clubs were once popular. They were sponsored by the Univ. of Ga. Extension Service and helped women with food preservation, cooking, sewing, etc.
Plowing the garden at one of the oldest houses in county, the Price House out from Lyerly. This 1930’s photo shows a family trying to survive the great depression.
Chattooga Boys Corn Club circa 1910, encouraged agriculture in the county
Lyerly Mattress Co. started in 1927
Thomas Brewer selling vegetables in Lyerly circa 1942