Photo Archive

A circa 1960 moonshine still raid was successful. The evidence was brought to the sheriffs office .
Pine Grove School 1937,Blanche Toles teacher
Ruins of Price House ,near Lyerly, one of the oldest homes in the county
Pine Grove School, 1937 (entire school)
A 4th of July picnic in Menlo 1950
1954 Menlo Telephone numbers
Menlo Presbyterian Church
O’Bannon Barn near Menlo, ca. 1900
Inside Mineral Springs Hotel near Menlo, ca. 1900
Menlo School in the snow, 1940s
Menlo High FHA Club, mid 1950s
Menlo Gin history by Sara Pless
Erecting Civil War monument in Menlo, ca. 1915
Alpine Church in the snow
Rev. Howard Finster baptizes in Chelsea Creek 1940s
Campfire girls 1922
Menlo, early 1900’s
A.J. Lawrence Home,Menlo Mr. Lawrence in yard
Maintenance men, TAG railroad ,near Menlo
Kitchen, Ernest Montgomery home, Menlo, c.1910